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Cloth Nappy Care Instructions

Preparing your nappies and inserts for use
  • Wash nappy and insert in warm water before use.
  • It can take up to six washes for inserts to achieve maximum absorbency.

 Before washing

  • Dispose of solids from nappies or re-useable liners in toilet.
  • Re-useable liners can be washed with the nappies.
  • If storing nappies to wash multiple at once, place wet or soiled nappies in dry pail with holes to allow air flow.
  • Do not soak nappies, this can affect waterproof layer and elastics.
  • If needing to rinse nappies due to being soiled, place on a rinse cycle and then dry pail.
  • It is recommended to wait until you have a full load of nappies before washing so your machine achieves good agitation.
  • All nappies, inserts and re-useable liners can be washed together.
  • We do not recommend using detergents that contain enzymes, Napisan, bleach or fabric softeners.
  • Use washing detergent as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Commence with a rinse cycle, then wash nappies in warm water - maximum wash temperature 50 degrees.  Higher temperatures can affect the waterproof layer and cause delamination.
  • Line dry inserts, the sun will act as a natural bleach or tumble dry on low.
  • Cloth nappies are best dried in the shade as direct sunlight can affect the waterproof layer.
  • Hang nappies horizontally to dry.  This will prevent water pooling at the end which could stretch the nappy.

We do not recommend barrier cream as this can leave a build up over the nappy.  If you do use a cream use a re-usable liner to catch the excess.