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My Squeeze Food Pouches

My Squeeze is the eco friendly, reusable food pouch available in four fun and vibrant colour combinations that you can fill with the squeezable snack of your choice.

You can drink me, eat me, heat me, freeze me, squeeze me!

Recommended for children 6 months and older, My Squeeze is a great option for homemade baby food when you are out and about with your little one.

With daycares and schools moving towards healthy and waste free lunchboxes, My Squeeze helps parents cut out the waste from the prepackaged ‘squeezies’ and also cut down on food costs. Not only do parents know exactly what their little one is eating but the varieties are endless.

Suitable for homemade baby food, yogurt, custard, jelly, fruit slushies, smoothies and more! My Squeeze can be frozen to keep cool for parents out and about with their child or just as a refreshing treat for their lunchbox throughout the day.

Made from food grade silicone for easy squeezing, a wide neck for easy filling and a self supporting base so it can stand upright. My Squeeze is fully reusable which will save you money and also help the environment by eliminating the need for single serve disposable products.

Easy to use and clean BPA Free Eco-friendly

170ml Capacity

My Squeeze can be put in the microwave however we strongly advise you always test the temperature of it’s contents before feeding your little one due to ‘hot spots’.

My Squeeze is dishwasher safe when placed on the top shelf. You can also hand wash with hot water and your normal dishwashing detergent. Make sure you thoroughly wash My Squeeze before use in hot water with your normal detergent.