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Play Mats

Baby Play Mats That Bring Imagination To Life

Bubble and Bee® baby play mats create a safe, stimulating space for babies to giggle, play, roll and explore. Whether your baby is playing in the underground tunnels of ants, a lively jungle, or a friendly, bird filled tree, these stunning artistic pieces are designed for children with rich colours and happy details that also make a beautiful addition to any home.

The 140 x 140 cm play mats consists of 100% beautifully soft cotton material that is all natural for sensitive baby skin, but also washable for when accidents inevitably occur. The designs have been printed using safe dyes. The internal filling provides a plush layer of padding to support comfortable play. When your baby reaches the age of rolling and exploring, the attachable foam edges and 100% cotton sleeves provide a friendly barrier to keep your little one on the play mat and away from furniture and hazards. Play time is also a safe time in the magical world of Bubble and Bee.


These beautiful Australian designed play mats have enchanting designs and practical functionality to stimulate both you and your baby’s senses.

The gorgeous designs have been created by a mother, for all mothers who love to surround themselves and their children with beautiful things!

Bubble and Bee play mats can capture the imagination of any age group. Guide your child on a journey of excitement and creativity as they explore the amazing worlds of Bubble and Bee.

*machine washable*